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I don’t know how many people know of this, or if it has been posted, but I figured I’d post a picture of it now.

For those who love The Sims, you can download The Sims 2 for free right now.  It’ll only last until July 31st, so try and pick it up.  Even if you can’t fully play it right away, at least redeem the code so you can download it later!

Good luck and have fun trapping your sims in rooms with no doors or toilets!

Hey Ever After High people - I just found this pintrest board  where an individual has taken a bunch of OCs and is claiming them as their own characters. A lot of the images aren’t properly sourced or credited and it’s just generally pretty uncool.

I recommend if you have an OC and don’t want to see your art used like this you check it out and ask for your work to be taken down. 

( airinreika - I know I saw some of your art on there sweetie)


Playbills-and-ticket-stubs so very Heathers playbill giveaway!

So I was lucky enough to see Heathers the musical and got extra copies for our lovely fans because we hit 100 followers!
We have 3 signed playbills and 4 not signed.

There will be 7 lucky winners!

Reblogs only.
Must follow playbills-and-ticket-stubs
Reblog as much as you want!
Have fun because this contest is for you!

We will be putting the URLs on paper in a hat (super old school over here)

Deadline is August 8th!

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