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Sometimes I have really weird dreams.

I dreamt about these two teenagers, twins, on the run from an uncle who was after their inheritance or something? It was this really epic chase scene only right at the end when I thought they’d got away they both died. But the dream didn’t end there. Next thing they were at this weird high school for dead kids, there were bus-crash cheerleaders, the ‘suicide club’ and a whole weird morbid-but-super-colourful-new heirarchy to adapt to. The twins had a younger half sister I think who was still living and they wanted to find away to cross back to save her? It all gets a bit blurry after that but yes. It was this super surreal black comedy type thing and I couldn’t stop thinking about it annnnnd then I went and drew the characters.

I blame late night Burton marathons and the wall of Monster High dolls staring at me before I go to sleep. I’ve trigger tagged it just to be safe :-)

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